Reddee Properties Inc. is a Canada wide real estate developer. Reddee owns and manages over 750,000 square feet of property across its portfolio including retail, office, industrial, multi-family and development land. We also specialize in Build to Suit, Retrofit Projects, and tailoring properties to meet the specific needs for each business.


Distam - Division of Grandwest Enterprises Expands

A leader in East-Canadian vehicle accessories, Distam was bought in 2019 by Grandwest Enterprises and has continued it's success and growth across Quebec, Ontario and the East coast. Following their successes, they have broke ground on a 27,000sf expansion at their current location.

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Bowerman Block - Modern look with historic values

In 2019, Reddee took on the challenge of giving a fresh contemporary look to one of Saskatoon's most iconic buildings. The property located on 21st St E was built in 1907 and has served as a home for the Ritz Hotel, Clinkskill's and Caswell's as well as many others throughout the years.

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Unfortunately, as time passed, the building had lost a lot of its charm, was renovated multiple times and was seen as nothing more than another retail spot in a high traffic area. Our plan was to revive the building while maintaining the history of the downtown area.

Work began with addressing the structural needs of the building before transforming the facade and lastly the roof. 

We worked closely with the City of Saskatoon and DTNYXE to ensure that we capture the right image and stay true to the City's history. We were granted one of the few heritage grants in order to assist us in achieving this. In addition, we have welcomed a memorial plaque provided by DTNYXE attached to our building that celebrates Saskatoon's Downtown Legends. This plaque will have names and photos added to it year after year and gives thanks to those that created the downtown atmosphere that we still enjoy today.


Construction is complete on 21st Street Saskatoon at the Bowerman Block building. It has a stunning new facade for an updated modern look while maintaining the heritage of the original building. All spaces are Leased giving prime downtown spots to Second Cup, Manhattan Casuals and Queen of Bud.

Reddee expands into Multi-Family

2020 has seen many changes for our business, one of our major highlights was the recent purchase of our first Multi-Family complex. Reddee Properties is happy to announce the acquisition of 1594 Rue de Biencourt.  

This property is situated in an outstanding location in the historic neighbourhood of Ville Emard, 10 Minutes drive from downtown Montreal  and 5 minutes walk to Jolicoeur Metro Station, 1594 attracts tenants looking for great accessibility to Montreal’s core. 1594 boasts modern residential units , ample street parking and plenty of green space.